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It’s our mission to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental and economic crisis. We want to encourage others to think bigger by living smaller.

SOL HAUS DESIGN is excited to announce our latest innovation: SOL POD Mobile Studio! Designed to be multi-functional, flexible and portable, the structure can be used as a backyard cottage, office space, art studio or guesthouse.

We use prefabricated modular SIP’s panels (structural insulated panels) and an innovative photovoltaic system. The interior is bathed with natural light and there is plenty of storage on the raised platform floor.

MOBILE. FLEXIBLE. OFF-THE-GRID. Interested in having one built for you? We are working with local builders to have this unit available! Cost is approximately $55,000 using high quality materials and includes custom furnishings as seen on the photos.

NEW! Buy the plans to build SOL POD! Find more information HERE

Check out SOL POD in person! Join Vina for a personal tour of SOL POD and Vina’s Tiny House! Reserve HERE

  • Built on 8.5’x16’ trailer with SIPs panels
  • Powered with rooftop solar panels
  • Loft space for sleeping, lounging or storage
  • Kitchenette with sink, refrigerator, induction stove
  • Plenty of storage at raised platform floor

Get the plans

I’ve made a set of plans for SOL POD available so you can build your own mobile studio. Click below to buy the plans.

Buy Plans

How do I get the plans?

After your purchase, you will be provided with a unique download link where you can download your plans up to three times. The plans come as a PDF file which can be viewed on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Can I share the plans?

No, the plans are intended to build only one residence for your personal use (not for commercial use for profit). The plans are not to be sold or copied without permission.

Can I print the plans?

Yes, you can print (3) sets of plans. They are designed to be printed on 11’x17′

How many tiny houses can I build?

Each purchase gives you license to build only ONLY ONE tiny house. Multiple copies must be purchased for a separate fee if you plan to build multiple houses.

Are the plans refundable?

Once the plans are downloaded, the purchase is non refundable.

Do your plans offer step-by-step building instructions?

No, the plans do not include step-by-step instructions. The plans assume general building knowledge and experience.

Do you offer technical or building support on the plans?

Yes, I am able to provide technical or building advice specific to the plans for a separate hourly fee.

Will these plans meet building, zoning, or other regulatory rules in my country/state/city?

No, because building and zoning code varies greatly for each jurisdiction, depending on your country, state, and city. Please do your own research to see what legal requirements you need to navigate in your own city, county, state or country.

This End User License Agreement (the “Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you and Sol Haus Design, a California company with a principal business address of P.O. Box 384, Ojai, CA 93024 (hereinafter “Licensor,” “we,” or “us”). By downloading or otherwise using the Licensed Product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, then you should not download this Licensed Product.

The provisions below form the essential basis of our agreement between you (The Licensee) and Sol Haus Design (The Licensor). You shall not copy or use the Licensed Product except as is otherwise expressly permitted below. You should also read the full text describing the risks below and accept and acknowledge the risks before you use the Licensed Product in accordance with this Agreement.

By purchasing these plans, you agree to the full Terms & Conditions of Use.

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