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A 20ft Tiny House forLifestyle Efficiency Consultant Nina Zamudio in Texas

“Building my own tiny home has been an incredibly rewarding process. Seeing the house evolve from the ground up has been so empowering. Although it has been more challenging than I had anticipated, it has been well worth it.

Prior to beginning the build I had very little experience in construction and wasn’t quite sure what was involved. The skills and knowledge that I have developed have given me the confidence to tackle what were seemingly unsolvable problems

Probably the most rewarding part has been the relationships that I have developed. I have been amazed by people’s enthusiasm and generosity in offering their time and experience. The networks and friendships that I have made through the tiny house community are something that I will always value. My partner and I can’t wait to finally move in and begin living the next chapter of the tiny house journey.” – Nina Zamudio

20 ft

13.5 ft

< 10K lbs

160 sq ft. sans loft



I scoured the Internet for my perfect tiny house design and as soon as I saw Vina’s house I knew it was my perfect floor plan.

Nina Zamudio

Lifestyle Efficiency Consultant

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