UPDATE: Vina’s Tiny House and Mobile Office (Sol Pod) have moved to a picturesque property near Yosemite National Park. Sorry- We are no longer giving tours. You can stay in a sweet cozy cabin on the property and see Vina’s Tiny House and Mobile Office. Click HERE for details.

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Experience first-hand the spaciousness and luxury of Vina’s Tiny House! Located in beautiful Ojai in Southern California (near Ventura and Santa Barbara), you will be able to see the reality of living in 140sf, off-the-grid with innovative space-saving features.

NEW! You will be able to see Vina’s mobile office SOL POD on the same property! With a large shared deck connecting Vina’s Tiny House and SOL POD, it’s a vision for a tiny house community. Both structures are powered with solar panels, so you will be able to see the set-up for off-grid living!

In addition, you will receive one-on-one consultation with Vina herself, a very valuable resource. You may ask as many questions as you’d like – the tour is tailored to your needs! Bring all your questions – we are a full of resources and information!

We will start the tour in Vina’s tiny office SOL POD, showing clever solutions for a tiny space, as well as discussing the energy efficient systems that create a self-sufficient structure, such as SIPs (structural insulated panels). After the tour of SOL POD, we will tour Vina’s Tiny House. 

Private tours are usually given Friday afternoons from 3:30-5pm. You can contact Vina to confirm availability prior to booking the reservation.

NOTE: We are interested in educating others about the benefits of living tiny. If you are a non-profit, environmental or educational organization, please contact Vina to discuss how we can schedule a tour for you.

Once purchase is made, sorry no refunds are allowed. 


Vina’s house has long been an inspiration of mine. I’ve always thought of it as quite simply the most beautiful tiny house I’d ever seen (in pictures on the internet, of course). But now I can say it really is the most beautiful tiny house I’ve ever seen in person!

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Alek Lisefski

The Tiny Project

Lee (Pera) and I confessed to each other as we were driving to Vina’s that we anticipated we’d have some tiny house envy. We’d seen pictures of Vina’s beautiful home, but of course, Vina’s house can’t really be captured in photos. The feel of her house is splendid! So cozy, such clean lines, such well-thought-out details. Vina’s design aesthetic is fabulous! It was awesome curling up on the comfy bench and falling asleep to the flickering flame of her propane fireplace. I feel very, very lucky to have had the opportunity to stay at Sol Haus. If you ever have the chance to tour this little house, please take it!

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Lina Menard

Niche Consulting

Vina’s tiny house was the first I ever stepped foot in and it is AMAZING!!! I knew instantly that I could live this life. It is beautiful in the pictures but they don’t do it the justice it deserves. It is such a wonderful space. Vina did a fantastic job designing and building her tiny house! She is an amazing host and super knowledgeable about all things tiny.
Annie Hobson

Tiny House Resource

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