Custom Tiny House Design & Consultation

After designing my own tiny house, and with over 20 years of experience in space planning and interior layout, I can provide custom tiny house designs specifically for YOU. I have created many custom tiny house designs, including longer trailers (up to 28′ long) to include stairs, washer/dryers, bathroom with shower/tubs, and full size refrigerator.

Making the decision to go tiny and then executing said decision is anything but simple. We truly can’t thank Vina enough for taking us so smoothly through this important journey.
Zachary & Hope

Arlington, TX

Vina!!! You nailed it! I’m so excited! This will be one of the coolest Tiny Homes out there. Excellent work on all points!
Laura Smith

Ventura, CA, Patagonia

Thank you so much Vina! This is exactly what I had in mind. I’m really happy with these plans and feel my tiny house journey is on its first official steps!
Liz Walch

Chicago, IL

If interested, contact me via email with your specific needs for your tiny house. If you already have a floor plan sketch or have purchased a trailer, please send those as well. The process usually takes about 2 weeks for the Basic Package and 3 weeks for the Full Package.
Please note that the Custom Design Package is for design only. It contains fully dimensioned design drawings on AutoCAD which can be used to purchase your trailer and start the construction with a builder. It will provide all the dimensions with the floor plan layout and elevations, customized to your needs.
Please note that this is a set of design drawings and not a set of construction drawings. A full set of construction drawings will depend on many factors, such as your choice of finish materials and code restrictions in your jurisdiction. That being said, most experienced builders should be able to use the design drawings to build from to start your project.
Sample Custom Plans:

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