1. Exit from the consumerist lifestyle
    Living in a tiny house requires you to consume minimally. I don’t see it as a sacrifice as much as an opportunity to prioritize what is important, and letting go of the things that are not.
  2. Enrich my personal relationships
    I recognize that one of the advantages of living in a tiny house is more time for friends and family. But I didn’t realize the change in my relationships would happen during construction as well. Since the beginning of the build, my relationship with my boyfriend Cliff has been transformed in such a positive way. I wonder why he would give up almost every weekend to build with me, especially since the house is only for me. The growth of my personal relationship is the best thing that’s happened since I came up with this crazy idea to build a tiny house.
  3. Freedom
    Freedom is probably the underlying reason why most people choose to live in a tiny house. The freedom of time and money pretty much sums it up.
  4. To live off the land
    My tiny house is designed to be as self-sufficient as possible. It will be off the grid using portable solar panels. It will be using a gas fireplace, a tankless water heater, and a two burner stove. For water, I will be hooked up to a water spicket and I will be using a composting toilet.
  5. To build a handcrafted house
    As a life-long student of architecture, it’s important to get outside of the drawing board and immerse myself in construction. I want to design and build my own house that’s customized especially for me. More importantly, I want to understand how much natural resources it takes to build a house.
  6. Live simply.
    I have stolen this tag line from Patagonia, but they are words to live by. To live within my means. To live with sufficiency. To take not more than what I need.
  7. Live with integrity
    To align my values with my personal and professional life, to do meaningful work that matters to me.
  8. To be closer to nature
    The nature of small spaces will require me to spend more time outside, and to be more engaged with my friends, neighbors and my community. But I have also designed my Tiny House so that nature is brought inside as much as possible. Through the use of french doors, skylights, and lots of natural daylight, I will feel more connected to nature even from inside.
  9. Flexibility/ Mobility
    Since the Tiny House is on wheels, I do not have to be bound to a property. I can be flexible with my circumstances wherever life takes me. I am also designing the interior of the house with mobile, multi-purpose furniture to maximize the use of the space.
  10. To be debt free
    Being in debt terrifies me. I have never applied for a loan except to pay for college and to buy my small diesel car (which I paid off in a year). I always wanted to buy a house, but didn’t want a mortgage. A Tiny House was the perfect solution. For $25,000 I will have built my own house, and will live my life that respects the environment.

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