Kevin and Anna’s custom tiny house is now a home. Thanks to a top-notch build team, the house was completed in October 27th and moved to its current location in Santa Barbara. Below are just some of the pictures highlighting the updates days before it shipped. Please enjoy.


This is a custom alternating staircase that goes up to the bedroom loft. The platforms provide plenty of space to step onto each step securely. Storage is located on the sides of each step. Step #5 (from bottom) has enough space to be used as a coat rack. Total dimensions are 70.5” high (to top of stair #6), 36” long by 27.5” wide.


The bedroom loft is spacious and has plenty of space for a queen size bed with a nightstand on each side. Clerestory windows all around provide an open feel. The skylight above the bed provides for many star-viewing nights.


This is a long view of the kitchen and bathroom. Custom cabinetry was created under the stove, sink, over the fridge and next to the sink. The fridge is an 11cuft apartment size fridge.


A 2-burner LPG cooktop is in front of a large window provides necessary ventilation during cooking. Shelving provides storage space.


A full-size two bowl stainless steel sink is used. Long shelves provide more storage. A window by the sink provides cross-ventilation.


This beautiful custom countertop is made out of camphor. A copper vessel was added along with a custom copper faucet. Custom built by Greg Prinz. The window is frosted to create privacy while in the bathroom. A cat door has been installed under the sink.


The wall-hung toilet provides extra knee space. Toilet buttons take minimal space and are out of the way. The ledge above the toilet provides storage space for toiletries. The toilet area has a separate door to separate from the rest of the bathroom.


The rainshower provides a gush of water for the ultimate shower. It takes up only a ¼” of space from the top. The bench and ledge provide lots of space for shower necessities. The window is frosted for privacy.


The great room offers a couch (with cushion added later) and an office below and office loft above. The ground-level office has pocket doors to close off the room. A rolling ladder is used to get to the loft. Eucalyptus hardwood flooring is placed throughout the house.


Another view of the great room.


The office loft has plenty of shelving. To create extra space, part of the office bumps out out over the tongue of the trailer.


This office can be converted into a bedroom! The shelving underneath is removable and the desk swings down to accommodate up to an XL twin mattress.


The office loft has plenty of windows to open up the space. Dimmable LED lights are embedded into the ceiling. You’ll also find three hooks that hang from the ceiling to allow a yoga hammock to be installed inside the house! An HVAC system is installed over the door to provide heat and A/C.


Steps were added in front of the house for easy access. During transport, they can be removed and stored in the moving truck or inside the house.


The tongue of the trailer is also used to hold the outer HVAC unit as well as two propane tanks.


French doors create a nice open feel to the house. During use, the doors can be opened and a screen door rolled in to allow fresh air to come in while keeping the bugs out. The circular window in the great room provides natural light and opens up the space. The two metal plates above the doors are the bases for light fixtures. During transport, these lights come down to comply with the 8.5” width limit. Above, the panel next to the clerestory windows was painted the color of the windows to provide a feel of openness.


We hope you enjoyed this journey of the AK house.

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