Dallas Tiny House Build

The biggest joy is empowering others, especially women, to take control of their lives and to live on their own terms. One of my favorites is Nina Zamudio‘s build in Dallas. After purchasing Design Plans for Vina’s Tiny House, Nina started her build with BA Norrgard from A Bed Over My Head. They completed the framing in one weekend with a community workshop! How awesome is that?



I love how Nina re-interprets Vina’s Tiny House design to make it her own.

If you’re in the Dallas area, check out their hands-on workshop! Guaranteed lots of fun while learning how to swing a hammer or two. Follow BA Norrgard’s blog via A Bed Over My Head.


Tiny House Down Under

All the way from Australia, Stuart Dakin purchased Vina’s Design Plans. It’s incredible to see the progress on his build. Check out Tiny House Transition for more details. Big thanks to Darren Hughes of Tiny Houses Australia for lending a hand!






It’s amazing and humbling to know that others around the world are benefiting from this design. If you’re interested in doing your own build, Vina’s Tiny House Design Plans are available on our site.

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